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The Book Institute was founded out of necessity to a influx of Printmakers with Batchelors and Master Degrees from illustrious Places and Parents paying off massive Amounts. Once I realized the Printmakers asking me to use my Press had no Foundation to stand on the Book Institute was born. 

My Background is not a College Education in Fine Arts, it's 8 years on and off of wiping plates, printing on handmade Japanes papers for Horst Janssen:













If you like what you see and want to help us to maintain what we do, consider us for a small Donation.

A Place to learn Printmaking on Copperplate

A Place to work in a Printshop -  Print Publishers



I worked with Hartmut Frielinghaus for 8 years on and off, the endless Train rides,  HJ Trinks, und jetzt Trinken Sie einen, I learned  to be a Printmaker and being good at it. I have a 1880 Krause Etching Press, one of 5 Left after the Wars to be Floor standing, print 30 x 60 Inch with an awesome impression. we have Hot plates,Aquatint Box, , all the Tools for Etching, Engraving and Mezzotint, Sugarlift, you name it.

The Shop also prints Letterpress on an Albion Handpress ( 28 x 42 inch Paper size), Heidelberg Tiegels and a Heidelberg OHZ (15.5 x 22.5 inches), we output Film and make Polymerplates up to 24 x 30 inches, a full Handbindery for fine Binding in classig German and French Technique,

the ability to use materials sourced worldwide from Hand made Papers, to Bookcloth and genuine Leather. We can Foil up to 16 x20 inch and have a also a Hot type Metal Shop with a Massive Collection of Ludlow type for Foiling Names and Monotype for Text in Letterpress.

A Pigmentlab for organic Pigment and the ability to grind Inks and Paints, a full Prepress Department  with optical scanning and proprietary color separation software rounds out the shop under the guidance of a Master Craftsman